Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7 Months

Start to the month of April
This month:
1.  We sold our house! (in one day!!)
2.  Girl's trip to Nashville with Catherine, Mary Melinda and William
3.  Your first Easter!
4.  Mom turns 31

Daddy loves this pic :)
Strollin with your ladies at school (love your expression)

My chunky monk getting weighed

Daddy makes dr visits more fun
Sleeping in mom and dad's bed

Just chewing on my friend William
Hanging out with William in Catherine's yard

Love morning time

Playing at Catherine's house

Thursday, July 10, 2014

6 months

Stinker bug, six months was a ton of fun! The month of March included a work trip to Miami and I got to take you! Grandma came along to babysit while I worked and we also got to hang out with Auntie Lynn and Uncle Jim.

start to the month :)

on the plane headed to Miami!

out to dinner by the bay with g-ma

swimming in the pool with grandma while mom works

serious thoughts

trying to get you to roll over!
As soon as we got home, we packed up and headed down to my favorite place on earth - Destin! We stayed in Seagrove Beach (30 A) and enjoyed every second (even though it was cloudy most of the week). Your Gran and Uncle John and Aunt Debbie and family had already planned a trip down there for Spring Break, so we decided last minute to join them! 
snoozin on the beach

playing in the go pod

first trip to the beach

you loved the sand

snoozin in the condo

at a cool hotel in rosemary beach

snoozing with gran on the beach

you love jessica

you are so proud that you can sit up by yourself!

My beautiful baby boy

You look so mischievous!

We also did some other fun stuff:
Looking so preppy before church!

Playing while you were sick

baby selfie!

love going on walks at the park by our house

modified tummy time

first time out on the golf course! you loved it

it was a tad bit chilly!

chillin in your sunglasses

talking to mama

first trip to the zoo w/Lyla

lunch with lanie

you LOOOOVE joey

You are becoming so animated!  You've mastered sitting up fully by yourself!  You're starting to interact with Joey and other babies.  You LOVE your teacher, Miss Nicki and HDS and have started getting sad when we leave you.  This definitely breaks my heart!  You still nurse/bottle every 2.5 - 3 hours and drink normaly 4 ounces.  You're still unsure about baby food, but are getting better at eating! We usually feed you at night - it's always entertaining!  We've given you mum mum's and you LOVE those.  You're getting so much personality and it is so fun to see each change!  We love you so much stinker bug.  Love you to the moon and back :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 months

 This month started off with a bang - by getting the stomach bug :( This stomach bug hit you first, then mom, then finally dad.  I was so worried about you and after I got it, I thought I might have to quit nursing as my supply dropped dramatically.  Luckily it came back and I was able to keep nursing :)  This month was the first in day care and was very hard as I literally think you caught every sickness in the building.  I didn't work much because I was either at home with you or taking you to the dr!

Fun stuff:
  • You weigh 14.5 lbs and 24.5 in length (around 50th percentile in both)
  • Went on your first airplane trip to Winter Park, FL for Ashleigh and Wil's wedding!  You did so good on the trip and you got to meet the Bowen clan!!
  • Nursing/bottle every 3 hours
  • Not sleeping well AT ALL!
  • Started solids! 
  • Started grabbing
  • First fever :(
  • Trying to sit-up
  • Love to drink water out of a real cup
  • Love to go on walks
  • First snow
  • First SuperBowl - Bronco's didn't do so well
  • Discovered how to do fart noises
    Your awesome rolls

    4 month check up!

    The Broncos in your first SuperBowl!

    Hanging out with Dad in Winter Park
    Playing at school with Ms Nicki, Gracie,  Presley, and Tatum

    Sweet Joey

    Happy at school!
    Playing with Grandma!
    Not so sure about this!
    First bite of rice cereal - was not a fan and spit most of it out!

    With all the girls!